Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer's In The Air!

Hey Girlies!
So summer is coming soon! I have eight days of school left. Yay! I wish it could come sooner! I'm extremely jealous of everybody that is already out of school. If only June 7th could come faster...Summer is my favorite season. From summer trends, parties, and vacation, it's everything I love. School being out makes it even better! In the summer I spend just about everyday with my friends. We go to the pool, or just hang out. We always have a good time! (: Summer means no stress from school and more videos. Just more time for everything. What's your favorite summer trend? Mine has to be florals, tribal prints, and lace. Everything girly! Oh, and how could I forget?! Feathers! I am obsessed with feathers! I had feather hair extensions but ended up taking them out. I don't know, I guess they were just kind of a hassle. I'm thinking about putting them back in though. (: I really want my hair ombred! I don't think any of the salons around here have any clue of what that is though, haha. They have no idea what feather hair extensions are either. I guess were just that cool! Well this summer, I'm letting my hair grow out, too. I'm dying to have super long hair, but can't imagine forking out the money for extensions. I'm saving up my money for a vacation anyways, my friends and I are planning a trip to NYC this summer. We have to pay for plane tickets, hotel, all that junk. And of course you need spending money too! Were gonna have a yard sale once school lets out, it's a big deal around here. (: This has nothing to do with what I was just talking about, but I have a plan! I'm going to do a blog sale on here, sometime soon. And guess what?! All the money is going to my favorite charity, Alex's Lemonade Stand. <3 I love that charity. All my money earned from twitter ads goes to that charity. Well, I've been a pretty chatty Kathy. I'm really getting into this blogging thing. Well see you soon in a new video!

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  1. Great post Kailee! You think that you're school goes until June 21st...and then my last exam is on June 23rd. -.-

    Love youu! (LLLL)